We offer the highest quality kegs

BET supplies high quality stainless and one way plastic kegs. All our kegs are produced in Europe by industry leading manufacturers SCHÄFER Container Systems in Germany and Lightweight Containers in Holland.

Our kegs are tested according to Japanese pressure and food safety regulations. They can be safely used for a variety of beverages like beer, wine, sake or soft drinks.

  • 樽(ケグ)
  • 樽(ケグ)
  • 樽(ケグ)
  • 樽(ケグ)
  • 樽(ケグ)
  • 樽(ケグ)
  • 樽(ケグ)
  • 樽(ケグ)
  • 樽(ケグ)
  • 樽(ケグ)

Since 1978 SCHÄFER has been setting standards in the production of high-quality container systems for beverages.

Becoming the market leader through innovation and a broad product range. Whether for beer, wine, soft drinks, juice or water – as an innovative full-range supplier, SCHÄFER Container Systems has the right KEG for every beverage.

All over the world millions of SCHÄFER KEGs are used by internationally renowned beverage producers.



Outstanding. Light. Robust.

The ECO KEG consists of a stainless steel KEG liner with top and bottom rings made of polypropylene (PP). These are connected to the liner by a safety clip-on technique and are therefore replaceable.

The colored PP rings, its light weight and the shock-absorber effect make the ECO KEG the ideal reusable container for beer, wine and soft drinks.

■ Optimum brand presentation
– Colored top and bottom rings
– Great decorative potential for KEG liner

■ Perfect handling
– Up to 36 % lighter than 100 % steel KEGs
– Logistics benefit: approx. 6 % more content in a 40″ container

■ Shock absorber effect of top and bottom rings guarantees maximum stability

ECO Junior KEG
Content 10.4 l
2.75 US-gal
15.5 l
4.10 US-gal
20.5 l
5.42 US-gal
Filling volume 10 l 15 l 20 l
Height 326 mm 443 mm 560 mm
External Ø 239 mm 239 mm 239 mm
Weight* approx. 2.5 kg approx. 3.2 kg approx. 3.7 kg

US-gal = 3.785 l *weight without fitting

Technical Data
Stainless steel liner material standard: mat. no. 1.4301, AISI 304
special: mat. no. 1.4571, AISI 316
Top and bottom rings PP (polypropylene), UV-stabilised, recyclable material
PP colour standard black, other colours acc. to customer wishes
Neck and fitting all current types
Operating overpressure 3 bar or 7 bar
Test pressure minimum 8 bar overpressure
Opening pressure of 35 ± 5 bar overpressure (KEGs Ø 239 mm)
Numbering standard, lasered
Coding (options) character code/transponder/barcode/QR code
Repairs PP rings can be replaced
Ecology reusable system; all parts recyclable
Best Beer Japan

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Classical stainless steel beer KEG

High quality stainless steel, the highest standard of workmanship, the safety burst point and great advertising potential on the barrel, make this the perfect container for your beverage.

The stainless Steel KEG is extremely robust and guarantees quality, even at the highest circulation frequencies.

SUDEX Slimline KEG ø 278 mm
Content 10.5 l
2.64 US-gal
15.5 l
3.96 US-gal
20.5 l
5.28 US-gal
Filling volume 10 l 15 l 20 l
Height 281 mm 365 mm 447 mm
External Ø 278 mm 278 mm 278 mm
Weight* approx. 4.5 kg approx. 5.4 kg approx. 6.3 kg

*10/15 l = without roller

Technical Data
Material standard: mat. no. 1.4301, AISI 304
special: mat. no. 1.4571, AISI 316
Neck and fitting all current types
Stackable on request
Operating overpressure 3 bar
Numbering embossed (standard)
Coding (options) character code/transponder/barcode/QR code
Bavarian tap not available
Repairs possible