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Food and Beverage Production Hoses

BET Co. Ltd. supplies food grade hoses for the Food and beverage production.
We can supply the hoses in different lengths and diameters ready to use, based on your requirements.
Stainless steel connection parts of your choice can be connected by us for long lasting and secure operation.


-Excellent chemical resistance due to the
addition of a liner and film in the inner core
made of ultra-high molecular Polyethylene (UPE).

-Particularly suitable for frequent CIP cleaning operations

-interior and exterior resistance against oil,grease, and lye

-Temperature-resistant, -35ー C up to + 80/85ー C  (long period usage)

-Steam-proof for disinfection purposes up to 130ー C (short period for disinfection only)

-Alcohol-resistant up to 96 %

-In accordance with the recommendation III of the BfR and the FDA and inspected by Japanese laboratory.


Hoses for Food & Beverage Production