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New Brewery Systems

If you are interested in new equipment for Beer and beverage Production, BET is the perfect partner to plan, project and set up your custom made brewery on a turnkey base.

Industrial Breweries and Pub Breweries

BET is the perfect partner to plan, project manage and set up your custom made brewery on a turnkey base. Either you prefer an industrial brewery in stainless steel or a traditional style restaurant brewery with a copper clad brew house – BET brewing equipment allows you to work flexibly and efficiently.

Efficient Wort Production:

Our brewery systems are designed to produce high quality wort at very competitive rates. The brew house piping and pump design enables you to achieve maximum yields with minimum oxygen pickup. Our unique Lauter technology allows to minimize the first wort circulation time and receive a clear wort with extremely low solid content. Evaporation rate can be adjusted based on your requirements.

Economical Design:

Our brewing system design focuses on economic factors like energy recovery from the boiling process in combination with hot water production. This helps you to save primary energy, reduces your production cost and allows you to work flexible and efficient.

We prepare all system piping in our own workshop. This reduces set up time at the customers site and minimizes the commissioning time of the equipment and overall cost.

Easy to Operate:

We can design our breweries in manual, semi automatic and fully automated execution. Either way we focus on “easy to operate engineering” and durability. Our control system is based on a touchscreen SPS which can accommodate the brew house control operation with recipe storage and remote maintenance. Hot water production and other control functions can also be integrated on request. All components are of high quality and supplied by our German partner companies.